Travel with your host, Carrie Katz, aka Midnight Rose, into the realms of betwixt and between, on the threshold that is The Fertile Void.

Somewhere between an ending and a new beginning, we enter the dark space where it is easy to lose our footing, but it is in this chrysalis that transformation becomes possible. The concept of The Fertile Void exists in cultures around the world, within and around us. 

Come along as we traverse this mysterious territory through original stories, interviews, and sonic landscapes, at the intersection of philosophy, psychology, religion and spirituality, biology, physics, ritual, architecture, mythology, art and music, and beyond. 

Season One: The Coveted Silk

We highly recommend you listen in order from the beginning.

We are all born with an internal compass. How do we listen to and trust it? How do we stray from it, and find our way back?  How do we retain our connection with the wild that is inside and around us? Enter a web of interconnected stories by author, psychotherapist, and musician Carrie Katz, where fairy tale, myth, and dreams blur with personal memoir, tracing the author’s process of transitioning out of a twenty year relationship...with music, spiders, and other surprises…all woven together through the other worldly sonic landscapes of Dan Cantrell.

Produced and written by Carrie Katz
Musical direction: Dan Cantrell
Musical composition: Dan Cantrell and Carrie Katz, plus guest musicians
Creative support: Daniel Ari 


A brief orientation to what The Fertile Void Podcast is about.


Additional music by Lila Sklar
Episode 1 Notes

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