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The Fertile Void Podcast is a collection of stories, soundscapes, and interactive experiences traversing the liminal space between the worlds.

The Fertile Void is a fluid medium podcast (yes, we made that up as The Fertile Void breaks the boundaries of any one medium or genre) that will shift between audio drama, interviews of experts in their fields, guided meditations, music, and eventually, interactive storytelling that that brings producers and audience together as co-collaborators. 

The term “the fertile void" describes both a place and time, experienced during life transitions, and shows up in cultures throughout the world. Somewhere between an ending and a new beginning, we enter an uncertain territory where it is easy to lose our footing, but it is in this chrysalis that transformation becomes possible. 

An intersection of storytelling, music, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, ritual, and more, The Fertile Void draws listeners into an imaginal realm that invokes altered states of consciousness, the liminal space where the wonder of the unexpected arises and offers new possibilities formerly unimaginable.


The music of The Fertile Void is an integral part of the podcast and draws from some of the finest musicians in the Bay Area, California. The soundscape ranges from ambient sound textures and full songs to layered compositions created in collaboration with guest musicians. Instruments so far include accordion, cello, violin, drums, musical saw, bass clarinet, and other instruments made from natural materials.

The Production

The Fertile Void is currently on haitus preparing for season two. When in session, we release episodes every two weeks. In between, special content is available for fans on Patreon.

Season One: The Coveted Silk was released in April 2019 and completed in June 2019.

Season Two is expected to premiere in Fall 2019.

The Fertile Void is supported by KPFA Radio in Berkeley, CA and appears on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and LIBSYN.

What people are saying about the Fertile Void Podcast

I’ve enjoyed Midnight Rose’s rambles for years as a creative force behind Rosin Coven. Here, her story telling comes to life in a layered, linked, intertwined web of ideas, narratives, emotions and life lessons. It’s presented with mystery and curiosity. I fall into it knowing I’m not going to get a single answer, but a whole field of experiences. xx


Listening to The Fertile Void is like entering a mysterious world of consciousness, a chance to pull back the veil of business that can trap us in the mundane. I love the stories, sound and space this podcast offers. I’m still pondering the feelings it provokes.  xx


Vivid, hauntingly beautiful storytelling that takes you through the threshold of your own fertile void. Carrie’s skillfully crafted writing, voice and the accompanied original music transports you into a liminal realm full of imagination and wonder. These stories are masterfully spun spells of the most fantastic kind. xx


Multidimensional artist/psychotherapist Carrie Katz uses stunning prose to shine a hopeful light on some of life’s darkest transitions. Terrifying, uplifting, captivating, uniquely entertaining. 


An extraordinary and compelling podcast that takes you deeper with each episode into a woman’s journey - the protagonist uproot at midlife - “separated” from her life before - inhabiting strange haunted landscapes filled with great hairy spiders and their hallucinogenic poisons. The accompanying music and sound is exceptional… the flow of the narrative effortless and dreamlike.


Elegant storytelling weaving together word and ambient sound with music in a way that is captivating and compelling. Both personal and universal, this is well worth your time. 


Season One: The Coveted Silk

Season One, The Coveted Silk, is an audio drama comprised of a web of stories weaving together personal memoir about the shattering experience of separation of a seventeen year marriage, the story of an adolescent girl in eighteenth century Italy who is bitten by a spider, which invokes the mad dance known as “tarantula” and a passage into the void. Like a rediscovered fairy tale, the listener finds themselves falling further into another world throughout the episodes, traversing back and forth between Carrie's waking reality and the subconscious realms that the spider calls us to witness.

While The Coveted Silk explores the darker dimensions of human experience, it offers a stance of hope and possibility that differentiates it from the currently popular podcast genres of science fiction and horror.

Season two will pick up where Season One left off. Future seasons will move beyond the audio drama format and will include interviews with experts in varying fields and their take on the concept of the fertile void, as well as eliciting material from listeners to be woven into co-created episodes. Guided meditations on themes inspired by the stories of The Coveted Silk will also be released as bonus material.

Cast & Crew

The Fertile Void is produced by Carrie Katz, who is also the author, co-comopser, and narrator of Season One, The Coveted Silk.

Musical director: Dan Cantrell 

Creative Support: Daniel Ari

About Carrie Katz, the Creatrix

The Fertile Void was conceptualized and is produced by Carrie Katz, aka Midnight Rose, who blends her decades of experience as a body-oriented psychotherapist, musician, and writer to offer an immersive and interactive world to listeners. Inspired by the challenging period of her life when deciding whether to leave a seventeen year marriage and the years that followed, she began to write her story, which evolved into the web of stories that became The Coveted Silk. In working with people for the last twenty years as a somatic (body-oriented) psychotherapist, she noticed that the majority of clients entered therapy while struggling during the transitional period known as the fertile void, a time when their old lives and identities were crumbling, and where the new had not yet been formed. She has learned the value both personally and professionally, of being able to sit in this liminal space of uncertainty, even while uncomfortable and confusing, to allow for yet unimagined possibilities of growth, and wishes to share this experience with listeners as well as elicit experiences from listeners around this transitional space. Carrie also has been a life-long musician and artist and believes that the arts can be a path of transformation and healing. The Fertile Void bridges these worlds of psychology and the arts. Carrie founded the Pagan Lounge Ensemble Rosin Coven in 1997, and continues to compose, sing, play, and tour with this second family of musicians. She is also raising two teenage boys who teach her humility every day.

Music Director

Dan Cantrell is an Emmy award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist known for his innovative film scoring approach, and his virtuosic abilities on the accordion, piano, and musical saw. Dan is appreciated by directors and collaborators for his collection of odd instruments from around the world, his love for the idiosyncratic and flawed beauty found in live acoustic performance, his exploration of haunting and mysterious ambient sound textures, and a proclivity for experimentation with arcane recording techniques. His resulting compositional artistry supports hundreds of cinematic works and performances, and his orchestral and chamber music have been performed with The Oakland Symphony, and at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and Washington DC's Kennedy Center, among others. Dan's compositions for film and television have earned him numerous awards including an Emmy Award and a Golden Gate award.

Creative Support

Daniel Ari, Poet laureate of Richmond, CA, writes, publishes and performs widely. He teaches performance and generative writing at The Writing Salon in Berkeley, his Richmond home and elsewhere. Daniel produced The 2017 Richmond Anthology of Poetry, the city's first, representing its diverse voices. 



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